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Arepa & Empanada Restaurant Coming to Hyde Square

The restaurant scene of Hyde Square is getting more diverse, as it looks like a Venezuelan arepa restaurant will be opening in the future.

Don Tequeño & Doña Arepa will open at 403 Centre St.

Don Tequeño & Doña Arepa has a sign in the window and the glass is covered with brown paper so we can’t see what’s going on. And before opening the restaurant will have to remove the signage Caffe Aromi, the last restaurant that took up the space at 403 Centre St.

A QR code on the sign brings you to a link with a menu from a Blue Hill Avenue restaurant.

The large menu includes arepas, empanadas, cachapas, patacones, pepito, sandwiches, and more. The menu states to ask for gluten free options for arepas, empanadas, cachapas, and other items. There are 16 types of arepas listed, 11 types of empanadas, including vegan options.

The restaurant scene of Hyde Square is expected to grow as Mario’s Restaurant and an Indian/Nepalese restaurant are opening on Perkins Street. Add those to the Miami Restaurant, Blue Nile, Mike and Patty’s, Across the Border and the Brendan Behan Pub — and you’ve got a lot of culturally different spots to grab food.

403 Centre St., Jamaica Plain