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Boomerangs Closing June 14; Fundraiser Helping Employees Facing Housing Insecurity

While Boomerangs is closing on June 14 and offering 80%, a ridiculously great deal for customers — there is an online ongoing fundraiser to help laid off employees who are facing housing insecurity, medical bills, and more.

A gofundme page states that much staff at Boomerangs have been making minimum wage and no hourly worker makes more than $19 an hour, regardless of how long they’ve worked at Boomerangs. Much of the staff live paycheck to paycheck, and many are facing very serious life issues.

“We have employees currently undergoing cancer treatments, experiencing houselessness and incredible housing insecurity, are single parents and caretakers, disabled folks who have a hard time finding accessible work, trans folks who struggle to find accepting environments, and staff facing so many other systemic barriers that make this transition an uneasy one,” says the gofund page.

“While our staff are grateful that the majority of us will be receiving some meager severances, there are a handful of folks who are not eligible to receive this support and many folks for whom this small severance will not last them beyond a week or two,” says the gofund me page.
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