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Neighborhood Talk about Shattuck Redevelopment with Elected Officials (and Pizza!) on March 18

Last updated on March 13, 2024

A trio of politicians are leading a community meeting to discuss the redevelopment of the Shattuck Campus on Monday night at English High School. And pizza will be provided, but no word on where the pizza will be from.

District 6 City Councilor Ben Weber, state Representative Sam Montaño, and state Senator Liz Miranda will hold the community conversation at 6 pm. The meeting will not be streamed.

“This meeting is a community conversation, not an official meeting,” tweeted Montaño. “This is a direct response to constituent asks around process and how to impact it; to empower constituents we represent & be better informed. Each elected representing abutting communities is also able to host one.”

It does not seem that anyone from the state’s planning team will be speaking at the meeting.

The state received one proposal to redevelop the Shattuck Campus, which is in Franklin Park in Jamaica Plain. And the scope of the project was too big, and the state announced it would scale back the proposal in December.