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Shattuck Campus Cottages for Unhoused People Will Be Fully Removed by End of July

The temporary cottages that were placed on the Shattuck Campus in January 2022 to provide immediate shelter to unhoused people will be removed by the end of July.

The Shattuck Hospital is located at 170 Morton Street in Jamaica Plain.

“The state plans to end operations at two emergency transitional low-threshold housing contracts in Boston, including the Cottages located on the Shattuck Hospital grounds, and transition residents to more stable, permanent housing,” said an Executive Office of Health & Human Services spokesperson to Jamaica Plain. “These sites were created in 2022 as a temporary response to the housing crisis at Mass and Cass, but they are not suitable long-term options for the Boston climate. At the same time, the state is actively increasing the number of permanent low-threshold housing beds it has under contract. This direction reflects a commitment to providing stable and permanent housing options for individuals who are unhoused, while still promoting their dignity and helping connect them to the services they need.”

Starting April 22, 2024, individuals temporarily housed at the cottages began transitioning to permanent housing. All current residents of the cottages interested were able to do so

The cottages were created in response to urgent housing needs at Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard (often referred to as Mass and Cass).