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Why Did The Snapping Turtle Cross the Road? To Get To Jamaica Pond

Monday was a beautiful to take a walk around Jamaica Pond. Just ask the more than foot-long snapping turtle that made its way from the Ward’s Pond area, across Perkins Street and to Jamaica Pond.

Anna Mudd was walking from the path along the Ward’s Pond area and came across the turtle as it was climbing the wall that separates the woods from the street. Mudd provided the photos from the turtle’s journey as passersby and police made sure the reptile had safe passage.

“It was a very sweet moment and great to see a group come together so quickly to support the turtle,” said Mudd to Jamaica Plain News. “I’ve never seen a snapper that size up close and they are amazing creatures!”

Mudd said some people thought they could redirect the turtle back to the Ward’s Pond area, but it became very clear the turtle knew exactly where it wanted to go. Mudd originally posted photos on the Jamaica Pond: Sightings, Stories, & Snapshots from an Urban Oasis Facebook page. People chimed in and said the turtle’s plight is an annual feat, and crossing a major roadway is part of its life.

Check out Mudd’s photos!