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Photo: Books on Shelves at Renovated JP Branch Library!

The renovated Jamaica Plain Branch Library had books on its shelves as of April 28th, 2017. It will be opening very soon.

The renovated Jamaica Plain Branch Library is so close to opening you can almost feel the touch of your library card being used to take out books! On Friday, April 28th, Jamaica Plain News took this photo showing the reflection of the adjacent Curtis Hall Community Center in the window panes of the beautifully renovated library.

The renovations are pretty much complete and it will be opening in May (a public date has not been provided yet).

Even without being open there has been a lot of activity in support of the library on South Street. The Friends of the JP Branch Library are hosting a fundraiser on May 5th. The public has been engaged to discuss what type of art will be outside of the library. There’s been a call out to artists for the gallery space inside of the library being run by the UForge Gallery.


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