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Letter: Group of Jamaica Plain Residents Say Yes to Question 1

Last updated on November 1, 2022

As you fill out your ballot consider a Yes Vote for Question 1, the Fair Share Amendment.  We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve our schools and transit infrastructure for years to come, with Ballot Question 1, also known as the Fair Share Amendment.

A YES on Question 1, will amend the state constitution to implement a 4% tax on personal income over $1 million per year. The revenue, $2 billion per year, every year, is specifically designated to go towards funding public education and transit infrastructure.  Because that requirement will be in the text of the constitution, the legislature can’t change it. Only another vote of the people could.

As residents of Jamaica Plain we know full well the pain of transit shut downs and the need to invest in a modern, energy efficient transit system. As parents whose children attended BPS schools we understand the importance of investment in public education.  All too often we have advocated for expansion of programs only to be told there are not sufficient funds.

Passage of Question 1 will provide a sustained reliable stream of funding that enables the type of investment that Massachusetts residents need and deserve. Passage of Question 1 means that only the top earners will be impacted and we all benefit from better schools and transit. Yet there are a few local billionaires have already spent millions of dollars in opposition to Question 1. They’re spreading fear and misinformation to avoid paying their fair share, even if it means that the Commonwealth might face more subway and bridge closures, failing schools and potholes.

Question 1 is an investment in our future and too important to let their money sway your vote. Vote YES on Question 1.

Martha Matlaw, Enid Eckstein, Anne McHugh, David Weinstein, Daniel Weinstein, Michael Weinstein, Tolle Graham, Michael Felson, Susan Winning, Laura Foner, Dick Monks, Karen Johnson, Margaret Reid, Michael Gallagher, Elise Pechter

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