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New Store: Little Cocoa Bean Sells Baby Food, Pouches, and Community

Last updated on September 25, 2022

New business Little Cocoa Bean Co. is quite different than any other store Jamaica Plain has seen in recent years. The South Street biz is selling their own unique flavors of baby food, and other baby-related products.

Little Cocoa Bean Co. is located at 114 South St.

Little Cocoa Bean Co. makes baby food for four stages of development named after four baby songs.

“Our blends are inspired by the traditions of the African Diaspora. containing wholesome fruits, veggies, legumes and grains from West Africa to the West Indies. The Bonus? These heritage foods are packed with nutrients,” says Little Cocoa Bean’s website.

Food is cut to finger-food size, partially cooked, frozen, and each 12 ounces serving is to be reheated.

Other products being sold include starting solids kits, baby food storage containers, reusable food pouches, bamboo bowls and plates, and more.

“At The Little Cocoa Bean Co., our goal is to provide families with access to vital information, supplies, and services during their child’s first 1,000 days of life. We teach all parents how to provide wholesome food that’s packed with nutrients needed to develop healthy bodies and brains because regular consumption of healthy and diverse foods during the first few years of life is a social determinant of health,” writes owner Tracy Skelly. “Come along with us as we endeavor to raise healthy babies, build strong communities, and pay homage to our ancestral cuisine.”

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