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Letter to the Editor: Lift the Cap on Kids

Last updated on July 9, 2018

The Massachusetts Legislature is poised to Lift the Cap on Kids (i.e., repeal the welfare family cap) through a provision in the FY19 budget – thanks in no small part to the leadership of Jamaica Plain’s own state Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez, chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means.

The family cap denies welfare assistance to 8,700 children across the state simply because they were conceived after their families got assistance. Without the $100/month increment they would otherwise have gotten for these children, families struggle to provide basic necessities like diapers, clothes, and healthy food.

As a social worker working with low-income Boston families since 1995 – the same year Massachusetts adopted the family cap rule – I have seen the harm to children caused by this type of deprivation. I am grateful to state Rep. Sanchez — as well as to state Rep. Liz Malia — for taking action to end this cruel law.

Sandra Lyons, LICSW
Carolina Place
Jamaica Plain