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A Deer Went Swimming in Jamaica Pond

Seeing deer in Jamaica Plain isn’t the rarest of animal sightings. Seeing a deer taking a dip in Jamaica Pond — now that’s a rare sighting! And that’s what happened on Sunday when a deer took a rather lengthy dip in the pond.

A deer swam across Jamaica Pond on May 6, 2018.

Numerous people posted about seeing the deer run through the neighborhood on a Jamaica Plain Facebook group. One person saw the deer on Centre Street running by Tres Gatos, another saw it run past their car and another person saw the deer take a rest in their backyard on St. John Street.

Zoe Mae Peters was able to snap photos of the deer swimming across the pond.

“Ended up in Jamaica Pond! Swam around for a long time (those things can swim fast!) then exited towards the beach on the moss hill side. Totally freaked me out, thing must have been terrified!!” said Peters on the Facebook page.