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Election Day on Tuesday: What You Need to Know

Last updated on November 4, 2017

What do you need to know about Tuesday’s election? How about perhaps it’s the sleepiest low-key election in Boston history? At least in the last 25 years.

Mayor Walsh with his mom after she voted at Kit Clark Apartments on Sept. 26th, 2017.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is expected to cruise past current District 7 City Councilor Tito Jackson in the mayoral race. In the September preliminary Walsh took more than 60% of votes and Jackson got 29%. There were two other candidates in the race who didn’t factor much in the results.

District 7 City Councilor and mayoral candidate Tito Jackson greeted voters in JP Licks on Election Day, Sept. 26th, 2017.

The City Council races are also very sleepy.

District 6 City Councilor Matt O’Malley has no opponent. District 4 City Councilor Andrea Campbell also has no opponent this time around (a teeny bit of District 4 is in Jamaica Plain).

One of the more noted races is to replace Jackson in District 7, of which there is a smart of in Jamaica Plain. A preliminary election of more than a dozen candidates was whittled down to Rufus Faulk and Kim Janey. Click here for the Bay State Banner’s coverage of a recent debate between the two candidates in which they discussed development, education, campaign finance and more.

The at-large city council race didn’t have a preliminary election because there are only eight candidates, including the four incumbents: Annissa Essaibi George, Michael Flaherty, Ayanna Pressley and Michelle Wu. The four challengers in the race are: Domingos Darosa, Althea Garrison, William King and Pat Payaso.

The four incumbents are expected to win easily. Although it is interesting that Pat Payaso is a clown. A literal clown. He dresses up as a clown, honks a horn like a clown and has the clown makeup on at debates, interviews, public events and so on. Oh, he’s also former mayoral and city council candidate Kevin McCrea, who legally changed his name to Pat Payaso (Payaso means clown in Spanish). The good news is that he doesn’t seem to be an evil clown, which are all the rage these days in pop culture and in the middle of the woods.

The election is on Tuesday, Nov. 7th with polls open from 7 am to 8 pm. Click here to locate where you vote, view sample ballots, check your registration status and how to enroll to vote for upcoming elections.