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Most-Read Stories of 2016: Goats and Gluttony

As 2017 begins, here’s a look at the five most-read stories of 2016 here at Jamaica Plain News.

5. Man Shot Outside 7-Eleven
Luckily, and thanks the efforts of police and residents, crime was not overall a huge story in JP in 2016. However, isolated violence did continue this past year. Jeffrey Kelly, 28, was killed outside the South Huntington 7-Eleven in August. Here’s our most recent follow-up, as the DA’s case against Amos Carrasquillo, also 28, moves through the court system.

4. Behan’s Building Up For Sale
Real estate is always big news in JP. Our most-read real estate story of 2016 concerned the Hyde Square building that includes the Brendan Behan being floated for sale. We searched public records on Monday and can’t find evidence a sale has taken place yet.

3. Beloved Shop Cat, Ivy, Dies
One might think a story about some else’s elderly cat dying wouldn’t be a big news story. But the death of Ivy, who lived at Ivy Insurance on South Street, touched something in the neighborhood’s heart. We’re happy to have also reported the follow-up news that there’s a new Ivy — Sikuwar.

2. Canto 6 Bakery closes
Named for the circle of Hell in which gluttons receive punishment, Canto 6 Bakery was a neighborhood favorite.

1. Goats attacked by dog in Arboretum
Unleashed dogs harshing the mellow in Arnold Arboretum was our most-read story of 2016. Both goats that were wounded survived.