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Weigh in on the 2017 State of the Neighborhood

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation (JPNDC) is reaching out to JP residents for help in defining the topics and format for the neighborhood’s 2017 State of the Neighborhood community gathering.

Individuals can take a survey on the JPNDC’s website to share their thoughts on shaping the seventh annual gathering, which is typically held during the winter or early spring. In particular, the JPNDC is seeking input on how SOON can help the neighborhood continue to build an inclusive and equitable community.

The current political climate, and its potential to shape life in our neighborhood, is not lost on SOON organizers.

“The community of Jamaica Plain and our country are facing threats on numerous fronts,” according to the site. “Many organizations are discussing how best to fight racism, sexism and homophobia, ensure that people have good jobs with fair wages, and defend the environment. Because there are so many issues, it may be more of a challenge this year than most to choose topics for SOON.”

In addition to suggesting topics for SOON 2017 and explaining why they are important, survey participants are urged to name organizations or individuals who are already engaged in these topics and could be invited to participate in the gathering. The survey also polls participants on their preferred format for SOON, whether a one-evening event or a series of community discussions, with or without the participation of elected officials.

To take the survey and share your thoughts on the state of the neighborhood, visit the JPDNC’s website. The survey is also available in Spanish.

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