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Letter to the Editor: Shop Locally First

I have been asked, “why am I a member of JP Local First?” Well, I choose to spend my money where I think it will do the most good. Sometimes that means looking for a good deal, other times it means supporting my fellow neighbor, while looking to get a quality service or product, and meeting my needs.

It is with helping my fellow neighbor in mind that I choose to support locally owned businesses. I don’t do this to just to feel good, but rather to capitalize on an opportunity to improve or sustain the livelihood of those close to me.

Local institutions bring a certain variety to a neighborhood, even helping to enhance the uniqueness of our JP and surrounding neighborhoods. When I have cards hand printed at Interrobang Letter Press, not only do I get a quality product, I help sustain the livelihood of a neighbor, Michael.

When I use the consulting services of Pam Kristan as a way of improving time management, I acquire not only better time management but I develop my neighborly relations.

When I buy gas at Alfa Gas Station I am giving my dollars to a local family versus a big faceless corporation, that is probably based out of state and taking profits out of Massachusetts.

Shopping locally is a great way that I get involved in my local community. I think this helps to make my community a better place to live and certainly makes my community life better.

JP Local First is a way to help promote the idea of shopping locally not just on Nov. 26, Small Business Saturday, but throughout the year. A cause I think improves our overall uniqueness here in JP, throughout Boston’s fine neighborhoods, and keeps the money in Massachusetts.

I invite you to look to shop local first and see the benefits of our neighbor’s goods and services.

George Kordan
Owner of Will Mow Lawn
JP Local First member

[Editor’s note: Full disclosure — Jamaica Plain News is also a member of JP Local First.]