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Centre Street Named One of Boston’s Best ‘Secret’ Streets

Now, nobody in Jamaica Plain would ever refer to Centre Street as “secret,” and we’d wager those in the Greater Boston area with even a passing interest in JP are aware of one of our main commercial thoroughways. But out-of-town visitors — those reading Travel + Leisure, for instance — who might not see much of JP beyond the Samuel Adams Brewery are perhaps forgiven for not being aware of Centre Street’s offerings.

For those in the know, Centre Street is no secret.
For those in the know, Centre Street is no secret.

But Centre Street should be on everybody’s radars. According to a T+L article on Boston’s best secret streets:

“Follow the gentle curve of Jamaica Plain’s Centre Street to find bookstores, tiny boutiques, and more. Gather strength or finish off the day with sangria and tapas at Tres Gatos.”

Centre Street isn’t the first JP street to receive beyond-the-neighborhood acclaim. For instance, a few years back, Boston Globe Magazine dubbed Eliot Street one of the best streets in Greater Boston:

“Nothing says New England like picket fences and low stone walls. And Eliot Street has plenty of them despite being in the heart of Jamaica Plain’s vibrant action, a stone’s throw from the Soldiers’ Monument at the intersection of Centre and South streets. Denizens of the Eliot School, which offers fine and applied arts for all ages, and the Footlight Club, America’s oldest community theater — both at the Centre Street end of Eliot — are among the reasons the neighborhood is known for its artsy vibe. Tree-lined Eliot was one of the first streets developed around Jamaica Pond for the moneyed gentry coming from Back Bay. It offers wide sidewalks, large lots, and stunning Victorian properties.”

Now’s your chance to brag. What makes a street “great,” and what’s your favorite Jamaica Plain street, “secret” or otherwise? Is it the street you live on, shop on, or dine on regularly, or maybe the one leading to your most-frequented green space? Please share your nominations below.

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