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MSPCA-Angell Teaches Pet Parents Life-Saving Techniques

Have you ever wondered how to give your pet lifesaving CPR? Did you know that in large enough quantities, garlic can be toxic for your cat or dog?

Attendees of the JP-based MSPCA-Angell‘s Centennial Anniversary seminar on pet first aid learned this and more as veterinarian Kiko Bracker outlined basic lifesaving techniques pet parents can use as a first response to toxicity or injury to their furry family members.

If you missed Saturday’s event, check out the American Veterinary Medical Association’s page for more important information on how to respond to your pet’s medical needs.

More information can be found at the American Red Cross.

Environmental dangers to dogs have been big news in JP this week, as officials closed Jamaica Pond while they investigate a potentially toxic algae bloom. Dogs (and humans, of course) have been ordered to stay away from the Pond until further notice.

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