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Letter to the Editor: Parking Rules Hurt Local Business

I want to comment on Amanda Lapham’s recent article on keeping our shopping local.

I have lived in Jamaica Plain over 55 years. I am a homeowner and also have a resident sticker. I have recently noticed how very unfriendly parking is. For years I have parked in Blanchards lot with no problems and last week got a ticket for $25 as I was 5 minutes over the two hour limit as I was shopping on Centre Street and honoring my merchants.

I also got a ticket recently on Myrtle Street when I ran into the post office to buy stamps…so when did Myrtle near the Post Office become a no parking zone? Finally I have noticed that almost all of Centre Street is now one hour parking instead of two. None of these situations makes anyone want to linger on Centre Street and ultimately hurts the merchants as people will just do the errands they need to.

Of course those who do not have cars will say keep cars off the street but if we want people to dine here and shop here, locals and those from other communities, we need to make our shopping area friendlier with fewer parking restrictions.

My daughter moved to Roslindale recently and the parking is a lot friendlier thus I have done more shopping there as I do not want to risk getting a ticket when I park somewhere that has always been legal and now is arbitrarily deemed a no parking or limited parking zone.

I also read recently that the city wants to put a pedestrian light at Burroughs? Are they drunk or on drugs? There is a light at Myrtle, one at Blanchards, one a half block further and one at the Monument. This is ridiculous and not consumer friendly. Perhaps my observations warrant a column as the parking Nazis are overzealous and there is no reason for parking to be restricted on Myrtle and for all of Centre Street to be one hour parking….don’t the local residents and taxpayers get to have input on these decisions?

Patty Lieber
12 Pond St. #2