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How Can We Make the Jamaicaway and Arborway Safer?

arborway crash

Sunday’s double fatality —- in which two women died in a head-on collision —- is sparking talk of how the Jamaicaway and Arborway can be made less deadly.

The Jamaicaway and Arborway are well-known to residents as dangerous roads. Originally laid out as winding parkways, they today handle heavy inter-city traffic.

The week before last a car flipped over on the Arborway. Despite the severity of that wreck, no one was hospitalized.

Some ideas I’ve heard and read for making the road safer:

  • Widen it (Which would mean losing the iconic trees that line the road)
  • Narrow it (A “road diet” has had success on some roads)
  • Add centerline markers (Such as has been done on Route 6 on the Cape, says Jamaica Plain News reader Audrey White.)

Universal Hub, as usual, has a lively debate over these methods. It’s worth checking out.