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Go Behind the Shamrock Shutters of the Curley House

A Wentworth Institute of Technology project offers a virtual tour of Mayor Curley’s Pondside mansion. With the historic home’s future uncertain, this might be the only tour you get.

You’ve seen the outside of the Curley House many times if you walk along Moraine Street at the Jamaicaway. It’s the house with the signature shamrock shutters. James Michael Curley, the city’s (in)famous mayor and state’s governor, lived there for much of his life when he wasn’t in jail for fraud.

Getting inside for a look takes more effort. Despite a campaign to open the city-owned home more often to visitors, this historical and cultural gem is mostly closed.

That’s why the Wentworth Curley Project is so interesting. Take their virtual tour and you’ll see how special the inside of the Rascal King‘s mansion actually is.

Hat tip to the Gazette and Universal Hub for publicizing the Wentworth project.