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Be #1 on Tailgating Safety

Last updated on September 17, 2014

Football is in full swing. Here in Massachusetts, that means only one thing – Patriots games!


We are looking forward to going to Gillette Stadium to see our Pats this season, and Vargas and Vargas Insurance may even be giving away some more tickets to our Facebook fans and blog subscribers, so stay tuned and subscribe to the blog to find out when we start our contests!
While the game itself is exciting, a day at the stadium isn’t complete without some tailgating. If you’re going to any games this season, make sure that you follow these tailgating safety rules:
Make a Game Plan
Don’t run around the morning of the game to try to gather everything that you will need. Instead, start getting everything together the day before. Also make sure that everything in your vehicle is packed carefully – breakables should be well padded, and any fuel for grills needs to be in a secure location away from flammable objects.
Stay Cool and Collected
When you’re out in the sun before the game starts you need to make sure that you (and the rest of your group) has two things: water and sunscreen.
It’s easy to get swept up in the tailgating experience and forget to reapply sunscreen, but don’t let your skin take a beating. One bad sunburn can increase your risk of skin cancer, so keep your SPF handy, and wear a hat to further protect the sensitive skin on your face.
Also make sure that your family and friends get enough water. Alcoholic drinks actually cause dehydration, so you need to make sure that you’re making up for all the fluid that you’re losing while you consume alcohol.
Tackle Your Snack Attacks
Grilling is almost a required activity at any tailgate. If you’re the designated ‘tong master’ make sure that you grill sober, and always cook meats until they reach a safe internal temperature (you can check this with a meat thermometer). You don’t want to make anyone sick from eating undercooked meat – especially since it could mean leaving the game early.
Don’t Get Blindsided
There’s always the chance that your car will be targeted while you are enjoying the game. When you pack up your car to head in to the stadium, make sure that your valuables are stashed away out of sight, and that your car doors are all closed and locked. Thieves look for easy targets, so do what you can to make it look like your things aren’t worth the trouble.
Score a “Safety” on Drunk Driving
Just like when you have a party at your home, you are responsible for any alcohol that you serve at a tailgate, it’s plain and simple. If anyone in your group will be drinking, make sure that they have a designated driver before handing over that bottle or can, and don’t be shy about cutting someone off if you think that they’ve had enough to drink. Any car accidents that are caused by a person that you served could be blamed partially on you, and that’s something that you don’t want to have to file a home insurance claim for.
Football games and tailgating are a fun fall tradition. Keep it classy and safe, and stay tuned to Vargas and Vargas Insurance so that you don’t miss the chance to win tickets to see your favorite teams, like the preseason tickets that we recently gave away!
Photo credit: Keith Allison / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)